The BP Blowout Is A Picture Story

How this tragedy happened and what should be done will consume almost as much ink as oil spilled, but the most visceral and powerful way into this story is through pictures. I’ve been following ProPublica’s reporting, but I highly recommend their constantly updated slideshow. They have collected some spectacular images.

(Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images via ProPublica)

And if you want to get a bit Google Earth-y, check this page out, which allows you to track the spill by satellite, as well as compare its size to major US cities.

This picture, from the Boston Globe, is heartbreaking.

(Photo: AP via Boston Globe)

I hope these images don’t fade from anyone’s memory too quickly.

3 thoughts on “The BP Blowout Is A Picture Story”

  1. Mr. Zimmerman,

    I apologize for this off-topic comment, but found no other means of contacting you. I just finished reading your August 2005 Outside Magazine online article, “Raising the Dead”, via a link on the Dark Roasted Blend website, about the death of deep cave diver Dave Shaw; and felt compelled to tell you how deeply moved I was by your excellent storytelling.

    I’ve no particular interest in the subject, but your writing conveyed the excitement of the sport and the tragedy that was Mr. Shaw’s death so well that I was completely absorbed in the story and frustrated with the slow download (five or ten seconds!) of each new page. 😉

    Thank you for the enjoyment!

    1. Thanks so much, WJBaker. I’m so glad you read about Dave Shaw and found his story compelling. Appreciate you taking the time to write.

      Stay tuned for a story I just completed for Outside’s July Issue, on Tilikum the SeaWorld killer whale and the death of his trainer, Dawn Brancheau.

  2. I just found your website by accident, but had to comment. This spill is a travesty and I am blown away by the photo with the so-called clean up crew in their pristine white pants. Who are the patsys here, us or them? Unbelievable. I am originally from the Gulf Coast where the beaches and the water are some of the most beautiful in the world. I am literally sick to my stomach in thinking what the ramifications are for the environment and those that live on the coast. Why has it taken a month to make this a top news story nationwide? And why are they stating it may take until August to stop?!

    Thank you for posting these pics and please keep this on the forefront. The picture of the dolphins is heartbreaking….
    P.S. Now I’m off to read your online article that is mentioned by Mr. Zimmerman.

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