Wind And Beauty Racing Off Marseilles

Yesterday the MedCup fleet raced a spectacular 36-mile coastal course, in winds that pumped up to 26 knots. I was at the back of the Team Origin boat, and had a great view of Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and the rest of the team working their new TP52 around the course. We had two breakdowns, which the crew jumped on quickly, so there was plenty of fast and furious action. Here are some of the views:

Here’s another downwind. You can see all the crews crowded into the stern, trying to keep the bows from submarining:

At the bottom of the run, our spinnaker halyard broke:

But despite all the chaos it was hard not to notice how profoundly beautiful the coast is here off Marseilles:

Today the wind is forecast to pump it up again, and we’ll be back to round-the-buoys racing…

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