GMA Looks At The Death Of Kalina

Vodpod videos no longer available.


There’s a lot more about Kalina, her life, and her death, here. She was the first orca born in captivity. Here’s a video of her birth, at SeaWorld Orlando.

5 thoughts on “GMA Looks At The Death Of Kalina”

  1. About time this is being addressed on Prime Time TV. Hopefully SeaWorld will take action before all the Orcas die in the SeaWorld fishbowls. But as long as the Orcas remain their cash-cow, I don’t see that happening. The public has to step-up and stop visiting Marine parks that hold captive Orcas and Dolphins. Everyone needs to act – Puget Sound is calling …

  2. It’s saddening news that these times come to this. It’s even more saddening that places like SeaWorld can continue to sprout their lies about their life expectancy and such, and people continue to lap it up, whilst the truths are plain for all to see.
    Kalina’s life was a life nothing short of total exploitation on SeaWorld’s behalf. Shipped about in early life to be shown off as their baby, pregnant at a very young age, having her children torn away from her constantly, having no social structure within her pod (even her own mother ignored her), bullied by the other orcas and lost her only friends due to SeaWorld’s wanting for money with other ‘Baby Shamus’.
    A sad irony that they killed their first triumph because they just wanted more of them.

    SeaWorld’s on rocky ground and I think they know it. It’s only a matter of time now for their house of cards to topple.

  3. To truly understand how miserable SeaWorld’s actions were, how dispicable, imagine doing the same thing to a human, from childhood to baby factory to premature death, all in a 4’x6′ closet surrounded by water, with no hope or chance of escape, nor of even knowing that the rest of the world exists. That is the “life” that SeaWorld imposes upon thinking, feeling, self-aware and sapient creatures who should be treated as sovereign.

    We need a piece of legislation that prohibits the keeping of ANY cetaceans in captivity for any purpose other than brief rehab and release. We simply cannot be trusted with any more latitude when so much money can be made by whitewashing their suffering.

  4. P.S. A diet of carrion is going to be dangerous. Dental health is just one of the many aspects not properly addressed. SW can claim that there is no difference. It would be expected that they would say such thing to try to keep a multi-billion dollar cashflow. But that doesn’t mean it’s true. Their position is obviously blatantly biased, and they’re clearly not really experts or trainers, just “handlers” … or to be a bit more candid, jailers.

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