A Close-Up Look At Loro Parque

Orcas at Loro Parque.
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In my recent story, “Blood In The Water,” I told the story of the tragic death of Alexis Martinez at a marine park in the Canary Islands, drowned by a killer whale called Keto on December 24, 2009. One of the key sources for that story was a woman named Suzanne Allee, who supervised the audio-visual department of Orca Ocean, the killer whale complex at Loro Parque, from early 2006 into the summer of 2009.

After Suzanne heard about the death of Martinez, whom she knew quite well, she was moved to write up a report on what she had witnessed at Loro Parque, believing that Loro Parque was not a safe environment for the four killer whales there (on loan from SeaWorld), or for the trainers who continue to work there. I highlighted the key elements of Suzanne’s testimony in my article, but her report has much more detail than I could include. With her permission, I am posting the full report here, as it is of great interest and importance to anyone who would like to know more about Loro Parque, and the events that led up to the death of Alexis Martinez.

Loro Parque’s response to Suzanne’s report and her interviews with me was included in Blood In The Water. In upcoming posts I will dig deeper into some of the issues Suzanne raises, and what my reporting and dialogue with SeaWorld and Loro Parque uncovered beyond what I wrote in Blood In The Water. I also want to get into greater detail about the condition and experience of Tekoa, another killer whale at Loro Parque.

But as a start, here is Suzanne’s full report (some names have been redacted for privacy reasons):

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7 thoughts on “A Close-Up Look At Loro Parque”

  1. SeaWorld=business…..so many still forget this. As far as I’m concerned…..they should’ve fired Diaz a LONG time ago. Thank you for sharing this Tim.

  2. No cetacean should be in captivity… I only went to Seaworld once when I was young… after studying marine biology I WOULD NEVER GO BACK THERE… Greetings from Chile to all ocean lovers 🙂

    1. Stenella ~Greetings back from the Netherlands~
      Just like you I would never go back to such a bad thing. When I was 8 years old,we went on a schooltrip to dolfinarium…I had no knowledge of this all.
      My daughter she is 8 now is more educatued then I was and we are hoping that Morgan will not end up there but to her podd in the Ocean.

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