“You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

Or should it be “We can’t handle the truth!”

This is all you need to know about the level of denial in our political culture regarding climate change: a new NOAA office to consolidate climate info has been shot down:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wanted to reshuffle its offices to establish a National Climate Service akin to the agency’s National Weather Service. It asked for no new funding to do so.

But in a political climate where talk of the earthly kind of climate can be radioactive, the answer in last week’s budget deal was “no.” Congress barred NOAA from launching what the agency bills as a “one-stop shop” for climate information.

Demand for such data is skyrocketing, NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco told Congress earlier this year. Farmers are wondering when to plant. Urban planners want to know whether groundwater will stop flowing under subdivisions. Insurance companies need climate data to help them set rates.

But the climate service, first floated under President George W. Bush, became predictably politicized.

It would be nice if the story were more explicit about who politicized the idea, and killed it. But whatever.

Anyhow, of course there’s only one way to fittingly honor this willful denial:

One thought on ““You Can’t Handle The Truth!””

  1. After we’ve spent the first couple of hundred million dollars on slick, targeted commercials, insidious messaging in every public media, founding of hundreds of fake think tanks to support fake academics, strategic grooming, electing and corrupting of every elected position from town to federal offices and especially the judiciary from county courthouses up to the incompetent supreme court, then we’ll have a level playing field and we can see who can handle global warming. More people could handle the truth if they weren’t bombarded by so much deception by corporate masterminds who just want consumers to blindly consume while they deplete our one and only planet of its oceans and atmosphere.

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