The Tragic Loss Of Low Speed Chase

Sailboat racing on the ocean can be thrilling. It can also be hard and dangerous, and sometimes people are killed. That happened this past weekend. One person died, and four are presumed dead, after a boat in the San Francisco Yacht Club’s Farallon Race was hit by a series of waves that washed crew overboard, and then drove the sailboat onto the rocks.

I wrote about the tragedy yesterday at, if you would like more details. And you can read the latest, from my friend Ronnie Simpson, on Sailing Anarchy (which inexplicably does not have permalinks to individual posts, so scroll down). also has a good update, and has published a series of pictures showing the wreck, the Farallons, and some of the crew (full set is here). The photos, as they always do, help convey the sadness and loss.

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