A Tale Of Two Calves

Let’s start the week on an upbeat note, with this video story, courtesy of Farm Sanctuary, about the bonds between an adopted calf and his accidental family.

It’s a sweet story, and also a reminder that it would be very hard for people to keep eating animals if they knew anything at all about their emotional lives. Meat-eating requires a purposeful ignorance, which the meat industry is only too happy to encourage.

If you want to know more about Farm Sanctuary, and the vision of its creator, Gene Baur, I’ve got you covered:

2 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Calves”

  1. Hi Tim, what a great video you showed us. I think i want to visit them! What i noticed is that it is very very difficult to switch the human mind if this mind is not inclined to the change and if it is bombarded every day with some kind of messages, but i hear now media talking more and more about this. You have to have an open, bright mind to be curious to get more into things and not believing always what is being told by others, but do your own research. And that is what i did , i am a normal person who used to eat meat and now im the same person but don’t eat meat anymore but the people around me now watch me like if i am an alien! They watch me like im not the same person as before, and like i am doing something so crazy. But why? because they do not investigate the subject really.

    1. I traveled the same path, and my daughter on her own chose to become a vegetarian, too. Even my wife thinks we are “radicals.” But 50 years from now it will the meat-eaters who are questioned, not the vegetarians.

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