Morgan’s Story

The Free Morgan Foundation, in advance of a new, Nov. 1, court hearing, has released a passionate PSA calling for Morgan’s release back into the wild.

Morgan’s story is a case study in how the cover of “rehabilitation” is sometimes used as a way to bring wild marine mammals into captivity, which is always looking to diversify the gene pool. I doubt Loro Parque or any other marine park would have been so eager to bring Morgan into their collection if the Judge that authorized that decision had said that she was not to be used for breeding.

9 thoughts on “Morgan’s Story”

  1. Echt schrijnend dit, pfff….. Dieren hoor NIET in een tank te zitten, maar horen in het wild te leven, daar waar ze ook thuis horen!!!

    1. So embarrassing that the Netherlands has done this. I would like these, and other videos of Morgan shown 24 hours to Bleeker (the Minister, the extradition of Morgan decided) and the final Judge. Required watching. Perhaps that Euro signs in their heads then make place for compassion for animals. Little chance. I fear the pony of Bleeker will have kicked him with a reason …

  2. This is so compelling. And every bit of it is true! What does that say about us to an animal/being that trusted us with her life and we took advantage of it? It’s just not right.


  4. Morgan must be freed – these Orca’s are a very intelligent species – very intelligent and she has already tried to commit suicide – it is time to put her back in the ocean with her family and let her live her life as it was meant to be FREE…. she is not for our personal amusement she is a living sentient being and has feelings of depression – that should tell you how evolved this species are and need to be free. They travel miles everyday and are very vocal in family situations they are always touching and communicating in the wild and she needs to feel this again. Free Morgan and do the right thing by her please – before its to late and she dies – enough Orca’s have died in captivity this should tell something and any marine biologist worth his/her salt would tell you these mammals need to be free!!

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