Rapper Vegetarians?

It’s sounds like something that should go on a list of George Carlin oxymorons, like “jumbo shrimp” and “military intelligence.”

So we must be approaching some sort of cultural paradigm shift when there are headlines like:

GZA convinces Method Man and Redman to go vegetarian

According to the story, here’s how GZA did it:

“I used to tease Meth all the time about him eating steaks, use to tell him he was ‘Eatin’ a pig p**sy T-bone’. He hated that s**t, but he just recently came up to me and said both he and Redman are vegetarians now.”

And they aren’t the only ones who have taken heed of GZA’s diet advice – his tourmate Killer Mike has also started consuming more greens instead of just gorging on meat.

Killer Mike says, “He convinced me to be eating some veggies (sic), so that’s cool.”

Yes, very cool. And apparently GZA is no one-time apostle of vegetarianism:

In a 2010 interview on Eater, GZA also revealed that he had shared videos about the health impacts of consuming a typical meat-heavy Western diet to band members and family to encourage them to make the switch to a plant-based diet.

Maybe we are in the cusp of some new genres of music, Vegan Rap and Vegan Rock. Oh wait….

And, of course, we gotta work some George Carlin in:

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