We’re Fracked (Again)!

Pennsylvania officials are caught omitting evidence of toxic substances in a report on well water near a natural gas site:

In a deposition, a scientist for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection testified that her laboratory tested for a range of metals but reported results for only some of them because the department’s oil and gas division had not requested results from the full range of tests.

The scientist, Taru Upadhyay, the technical director of the department’s Bureau of Laboratories, said the metals found in the water sample but not reported to either the oil and gas division or to the homeowner who requested the tests, included copper, nickel, zinc and titanium, all of which may damage the health of people exposed to them, according to the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Ms. Upadhyay said that the bureau did not arbitrarily decide to withhold those results. “It was not requested by our client for that particular test, so we did — it is not on our final report,” she said in a deposition on Sept. 26.

Ah, that explains everything. Why would you include notification of dangerous metals if no one had asked you for it?

This is a perfect example of all the lying and obfuscation that goes on around fracking, as corporations and governments race to cash in on the natural gas boom. Never was an industrial process so perfectly named.


One thought on “We’re Fracked (Again)!”

  1. At every turn, the people in charge of extractive industries have shown that they need more, not less, regulation, and with all the money washing around, our politicians need close watching.

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