Good News On “Talk To Me”

Last night I got an e-mail informing me that “Talk To Me” had been selected for the 2013 edition of Best American Science And Nature Writing. That’s always a welcome e-mail, especially on a slow Sunday evening.

This year’s volume is being edited by Siddhartha Mukherjee, a doctor and the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about cancer, The Emperor Of All Maladies. I’m not sure how or why an article about trying to communicate with dolphins caught his attention. But I’m glad it did because “Talk To Me” was a story that I thoroughly enjoyed reporting and writing.

More important, being published again will hopefully result in wider awareness regarding the intelligence and sociability of dolphins, as well as the work of the Wild Dolphin Project.

The Killer In The Pool made it into the 2011 edition of Best American Science And Nature Writing, and my story about cave diver Dave Shaw was featured in the 2006 edition of Best American Sports Writing. So I guess you could say I am a big fan of the entire “Best American” series.

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