A Comic’s Take On Killer Whale Training

Comedian Doug Stanhope pulls no punches….at all. You’ll cringe at points, especially in his treatment of Dawn Brancheau, but boy does he nail it.

(h/t Jordan Waltz)

12 thoughts on “A Comic’s Take On Killer Whale Training”

  1. Perfect comedic take on Seaworld and what they pedal …… they are already perfectly trained killer whales before they are stolen from the ocean and starved into doing circus tricks …… Seaword sucks big time and anyone who goes to these “shows” is causing ongoing torture to these magnificent mammals!!!

  2. WOW..his comparison to bringing 3rd world poverty stricken children here to the US to perform tricks while he drags a hot dog on a string in front of them? And then trying to sell the fact that he’s “helping” them? Perfect, absolutely spot on comparison to Sea World. Yup, you wouldn’t call him a trainer, you’d call him an asshole.

  3. He absolutely hit the nail on the head. We need more people like him. Seaworld just doesn’t get it. $$$$$ is all this multinational corporation cares about.

  4. Magic – he nailed it:

    ‘First of all you are not a killer whale trainer. You can call yourself and dress up in the spandex like a killer whale; you are not a killer whale trainer because of my limited knowledge of marine biology killer whales come out previously trained; they are already perfect killer whales. Unless you’re trying to train them to do backflips for sardines and to dance on their tails which they don’t do naturally. You’re training them to be circus monkeys by withholding a food source. You are not a trainer you are a f**k ‘wivher. You f**k with killer whales. You take away their food until they do unnatural acts. You can say she (Dawn Brancheau) do a alot of hardwork and the research they did because of Seaworld, she can follow their mating habits and help them proliferate in the wild when they are a dwindling species and you go yeah you could do that regardless without making them dance on their tails cause they are starving for a fish you could have done that without f**king with them so don’t tell me they done a lot of good work’ – Doug Stanhope

  5. Uh No, they don’t dance on their tail, they don’t allow food withholding and they don’t jump through flaming hoops. What year are you in 1970’s? how about stop talking crap. and look at the reality.

    1. Nova, are you aware of the phenomenon of exaggerating for comic effect? It happens quite a lot with people who are comedians – it works much better at eliciting laughs from the crowd.

      Besides, it may be an exaggeration, but it isn’t too much of one.

      If you want to “look at the reality” I see that a Beluga whale died the other day at Seaworld at the ripe old age of 4 years old. That’s the sad reality for all waterborne mammals that live at Seaworld – an early, miserable death.

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