Annals Of Humane Slaughter: Turkey-Day Edition

I’ve been trying to post fewer of these sorts of videos, so apologies for setting you up for Thanksgiving with this one. But I am increasingly skeptical of the concept of “humane slaughter,” which is a concept that is often used to assuage qualms about meat-eating. So when I saw this video of a turkey farmer earnestly trying to show that his slaughter method is humane–which is either a spoof or unwittingly ironic–I decided to help the guy out.

(You only need to watch the first 3 minutes, if you can get that far).

The videos that come out of the industrial Butterball system are much, much, worse. But you know that, so I don’t need to post them, right?

(Hat tip: Free From Harm)

3 thoughts on “Annals Of Humane Slaughter: Turkey-Day Edition”

  1. I won’t (can’t) watch that video, but just wanted to comment that I’ve always thought the term “humane slaughter” is one of the most oxymoronic – not to mention moronic – phrases at our disposal. To me, killing a healthy living being is almost always (I’ll give a pass to situations involving self-defense and survival situations) inherently inhumane.

  2. Sorry Tim cannot watch this one! Just cannot view all that is taking place on animal cruelty BUT truly understand the horrors of it all!
    The human race indeed!!!!

    1. You should see the one someone just sent me about pulling fur off live rabbits for Angora clothing! Really is shocking what businesses are willing to do and condone in order to keep product moving.

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