Character Counts

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My daughter’s 7th grade class is thinking about character–what it is, how it is created, and whether it can be shaped.

For the record, the latest social science says that the 7 character traits most linked to success and happiness are:

–Optimism (I struggle with this one; I know too much)

–Gratitude (I try, I try)

–Social Intelligence (I’m not exactly sure what this is but I think I have it)

–Curiosity (Definitely)

–Self-Control (Usually)

–Enthusiasm (Sometimes)

–Grit (Mine is more like stubborness, but I think that counts)

My daughter watched this 8-minute video, which is a beautiful and artfully crafted homage to the idea that developing good character traits, and appreciating good character traits in others, is a stupendous force for good. It really makes me want to keep trying to be a better person.

(It also had the virtue of introducing me to the clever and captivating work of Tiffany Schlain and her Moxie Institute).

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