Dept. Of Dubious Documentaries: Planet Of The Humans

I haven’t watched this controversial Michael Moore-backed documentary. But if you are tempted to watch, read this first:

But the film, directed by Jeff Gibbs, a long-time Moore collaborator, is not the climate message we’ve all been waiting for — it’s a nihilistic take, riddled with errors about clean energy and climate activism. With very little evidence, it claims that renewables are disastrous and that environmental groups are corrupt.

What’s more, it has nothing to say about fossil fuel corporations, who have pushed climate denial and blocked progress on climate policy for decades. Given the film’s loose relationship to facts, I’m not even sure it should be classified as a documentary.

One thought on “Dept. Of Dubious Documentaries: Planet Of The Humans”

  1. I highly recommend everyone who cares about the planet see this film. The big picture message is the point. We humans (most of us -not indigenous people) have been living so unsustainably, so disconnected from nature, consuming way beyond what the planet can bare, that our ecosystem is collapsing. Wildlife, forests, oceans are in serious peril because of our lifestyle and human OVERPOPULATION! This is a must see. “First live a compassionate life, then you will Know” – Buddha

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