Nice to know that not everyone shoots grizzly bears…

…who develop a taste for human garbage:

In early April, a young grizzly bear swam through the chilly waters off the western coast of Canada in search of food.

He came ashore on Hanson Island, one of more than 200 rocky outcrops in British Columbia’s Broughton archipelago, and quickly started eating garbage from a cabin.

It was a dangerous move: bears that get too comfortable eating food waste and start to lose their fear of humans are quickly shot.

But this bear’s death was averted through an unlikely partnership between local Indigenous groups and conservation officers, raising hopes of a more holistic approach to wildlife management with greater Indigenous input.

I guess we should call that progress. Though perhaps we should think a bit more about the garbage.

The Human Paradox: “Beauty And The Beak”

An idiot with a gun shot her beak off. Humanitarians armed with technology restored it. An amazing story (and Emmy winner) from KING-TV:

Beauty and the Beak from Keith Bubach on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Rachel Clark for tipping me to this).

Another Beautiful Thanksgiving Story

And even more appropriate to Thanksgiving: the story of a turkey who evades the slaughter and is rewarded with a new life.

It’s a good reminder that even labels like “free-range” do not at all mean the animal you are intending to eat has been running around in a grassy field.

(Thanks to Emilia Huitron for sharing this story on my Facebook page).

Anyhow, the story above naturally brings me to this photo:

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