Fields Of Friendly Fire

Forget the Oscar overload, and whether Jennifer Lopez’s dress covered all the right parts of Jennifer Lopez. If you are going to read one story today, you should make it this one: the story of a father who refused to let the US Army whitewash the friendly fire death of his son.

I had a number of very powerful reactions to the story, but I will let you read it fresh, with no preconceptions.

Here’s how it starts (in case you need any further inducement to give it a read):

Dave Sharrett Sr. still sees his son in his dreams.

In one, the son is home on leave from Iraq, a warrior, a man. His boots are caked in mud. His fatigues are dirty. “And as we talk,” Sharrett says, “I realize I have to tell him that I know how he is going to die.”

Read on….

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