The Story Of Whaling (In A Cool Online Graphic)

Fantastic representation of the whaling situation, in a series of interactive graphics from the Humane Society Of The US, the Animal Welfare Institute, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

WDCS, AWI and HSI have launched an animated online-tool to provide all the facts and figures the public needs to know about whaling. Whaling in the 21st Century and Before shows the total number of whales killed since 1946, the enormous success of the international ban on commercial whaling and continued whaling activities by Iceland, Norway and Japan.

The graphs show how whaling countries are manipulating the quotas, effectively blackmailing the international community. It sheds light on the ‘deal’ being proposed for adoption at the end of June.

Goto Whaling in the 21st Century and Before and find out the truth about whaling.

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