Chart Of The Day: Blackfish And SeaWorld’s Stock Price

Click image for full-size.

The little whales indicate the dates of the Blackfish premiere in movie theaters in July, and the CNN broadcast in late October.

The chart comes from this colorful analysis of how investors should think about SeaWorld, its stock price, and the potential impact of Blackfish on public opinion:

Do you $SEAS this opportunity or let it pass?  That question should lie with your ethics and whether or not you think it will affect paying customer’s ethics.  Like the headlines state, “Judgment Day has arrived for SeaWorld—well, at least in the court of public opinion.”  In a publicly held company that depends on customer opinion and customer dollars, this stock seems to be dead in the water for now.  Of all the growth factors and instruments in your portfolio, I think I’d leave this one out of your orca-stra.

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