SeaWorld California’s Nakai Injured?

Two of a Kind

Just received the following report that Nakai (photo above via) might have been injured:

“We’ve just heard a rumour that Nakai (male , captive born at SeaWorld 1 Sept 2011 – mother Kasatka, father Tilikum by AI), currently held at San Diego SeaWorld, today hurt himself badly on his lower jaw. I’ve seen on a TINY thumb nail (as the original photo on ‘photobucket’ has been pulled).

The rumour suggests that he may have been trying to get over the chains that SeaWorld has erected and has ripped the tissue down to the bone – it appears from the thumbnail that the lower edge of both mandibles has been stripped back to the bone. It seems that a chunk of tissue the size of a dinner plate is gone – from a side profile it looks like the orca has a bottlenose dolphin profile on the lower jaw.”
Trying to get more info, and will post if I do. Anyone else out there know anything about this, or have any pictures?