Mari-Cha’s Movin’: She’s south of Newfoundland, more than 800 miles and 46.75 hours into the 2925 mile transatlantic run. That’s an average speed of about 17.25 knots (she needs to average 15.23 to break the 8-day mark). Project manager and assistant navigator Jef d’Etiveaud sent this update Saturday evening:

“We had a bit of depression here in the nav room: it’s not easy to tell the boys on deck to keep going at 12 kts 90 degrees from our goal… Mike [navigator Mike Quilter] and I just decided that it was ok to tack after having (we think) passed the western edge of the trough. You can see than everyone is happy to be back on track.

Still against the wind so the speed is moderate (between 12 and 13 Kts) but we are going towards our next waypoint at the tip of New Foundland. We did not burn out all of our advance so we feel ok and are looking forward to seeing better weather for the next few days. I realize now that we just passed the 2 days mark… time to do some math: Last 24 hours run was 320 Miles and our average from the start dropped from 19 to 16 kts.

Hopefully we can get all these numbers to shine in a day or two. In the mean time we will do our best to lose as little as possible in the lull. All on board are doing well; Dick Meacham went up the rig last night for a rig check. All seems in good order.

Matt Welling got the message from his father, tks dad. We are starting to get our marks: watch food sleep watch and so on. There is a debate on wether the Freeze dried food from the States is better than the one we had last time ( From Northern Yorshire!!!) to the French on board it tastes all like cardboard.”

Courtesy Thierry Martinez

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