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Skiing Into The Void…

July 26, 2005

Fredrik Ericsson, a Swede, might look like your average ski bum if you ran into him on the slopes of his Chamonix home base. You know the look: stubbly face, laid-back posture, with just the hint of a hangover. But Ericsson is one of those guys who just can’t stand the bunny slopes. So he climbs to the tops of big mountains and skis down. This summer he has been hanging around in the high ranges of Pakistan, and according to Explorer’s Web he last week pulled off a summit and slide down the slopes of 8,035 meter Gasherbrum II. Here’s what it was like:

After a clear and sunny morning the wind got stronger and clouds where forming quickly. Totally exhausted we were sliding on our knees on the narrow summit ridge. At noon Jorgen and I could go no further. It was the summit of Gasherbrum 2, 8035 meters above the sea. Strong wind and massive clouds didn’t make the stay on the summit any pleasant so after some photos the skis were on and we were making right and left turns down the slopes of Gasherbrum 2. The thin air makes you as exhausted after five turns as you are after 1000 meters in the Alps. The surroundings are probably amongst the most spectacular in the world. Just having a peak at mountains like Chogolisa and Hidden Peak makes you forget about tiredness and gives new energy to continue skiing. The slopes on Gasherbrum 2 is fairly steep and broken up by lots of seracs and crevasses making it very interesting skiing.

You can read his full report and check out some very cool pictures in his gallery. I’d give you the links but, sorry, But you have to go to his site and navigate your way to them, because it is a fancy Flash job, and I still haven’t figured out how to grab stuff from Flash. Someday, someday…

Gasherbrum Bum: “Damn, where’s the warming hut…”

Fast Fredrik: “Heh-heh! If this doesn’t get me laid backin Chamonix, I don’t know what will…”
(Photos: via Explorer’s Web)

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