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Annals Of Out Of This World Adventure…

July 29, 2005

You have to love the Russians. When they need cash they come up with some crazy-ass ideas. While Richard Branson slaves away trying to get his Virgin Galactic–a $200,000 ride into sub-orbital space–off the ground, the Russian space agency is considering offering a trip, wait for it, AROUND THE F*CKING MOON! And that includes a nice week-long vacation on the International Space Station. Now that is what I call adventure travel. Okay, it’s a bit pricey, costing, err, $100 million, which is a lot of money even for Dr. Evil. But if you want to go into space and have a few billion bucks lying around, you have to go for the moon shot. C’mon, no one, and I mean no one will ever be able to top that story at a cocktail party…

“Wow, it’s almost 5. Time for a game of shuffleboard, a bowl of borscht, and then I’d better pack for the moon…”

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