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Wetass Employment: Whale Rescue Diver…

August 1, 2005

South Africa is looking for a few good divers, who are happy to cut whales free from entangling ropes and gear. Faint of heart need not apply. Here’s how one diver, who freed a humpback whale, describing what’s involved:

“I got hold of the ropes and pulled myself along to about four metres behind the tail and started to cut the ropes. I think he knew I was there because after I cut the first rope, he suddenly increased speed.

My biggest worry was becoming entangled myself and going down with the whale. It was going quite fast, so I had to cling to the ropes as I cut them.

“There is some rope left high up on its tail, but to get that off you would have to get on to the whale and I would not risk that.”

Nice work. Outdoors. In the water. And you’ll feel good when you get home (if you get home)…

“Finally! I sure hope these guys know what they are doing…”

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