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Old AC Boats Never Die, They Just….

August 2, 2005

Ever wonder where an ex-America’s Cupper is? Well, Scuttlebutt Europe (which has an excellent nose for cool websites) has unearthed an excellent feature on the America’s Cup website. Called–okay, no points for originality here–Where Are They Now?, you can follow the fate and destiny of a variety of iconic AC boats, starting with America herself. Each profile includes a detailed fact sheet. Here’s the skinny on America, for example:

Since her launching, May 3rd 1851 until July 27th 1901 – 51 races, 12 wins.

1851, September 1st: sold to Lord John de Blaquière, England.
1856: sold to Viscount Templeton, RYS. Renamed Camilla.
1858: sold to Henry Sotheby Pitcher, England.
1860: sold as Camilla to Henry E. Decie, Royal Western YC.
1860 (Autumn): cruise of West Indies.
1861: arrived Savannah, Georgia, USA. Then returned to Europe.
1861 (December): sold at Jacksonville, Florida, to Confederate States Navy by Decie.
1862: found by Federal Navy, then involved in the civil war.
1870: refitted to sail the first America’s Cup challenge.
1870-1873: shoolship at United States Naval Academy
1873: sold to General Benjamin F. Butler
1893: Paul Butler (son of General), owner
1897: Butler Ames, owner.
1917: sold to company headed by Charles H. W. Foster, NYYC.
1921: owned through America Restoration Fund – thanks to E. Jared Bliss – by Naval Academy. America berthed at Annapolis.
1942, March 29: during record Palm Sunday snowstorm, shed over America’s hull collapsed.
1945: remnants of America and collapsed shed removed by clamshell crane and burned…

The list includes boats like Columbia, Ranger, and the first winning Kiwi Black Magic. It’s not comprehensive (maybe they’ll add more). But what’s there is very cool…

Regal Ranger: “I was broken up in 1941. Can you believe it…?”

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