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Dave Shaw Media Extravaganza…

August 4, 2005

Okay, okay. By now you have probably overdosed on Dave Shaw posts (the Outside article is here). So this will be the last one, providing handy-dandy links to various media.

Okay, here we go:

Want to see a good chunk of Shaw’s head-cam video, and hear Shaw’s diving buddy, Don Shirley, talk you through it? Click here to watch South Africa’s ETV segment…

Want to see a South Africa TV report setting up the recovery dive and describing Bushman’s Hole? Click here

Want to listen to me ramble away on NPR’s “Talk Of The Nation”? Go here (side note: we did in fact have a great pre-interview discussion about whether I could say “Wetass” on the radio. To NPR’s credit, the answer was “yes, once” and to make sure I said “Wetass Chronicles,” because one of the producers had gone to and had her computer assaulted by pornographic popups. In the end, the name of this blog never came up, saving NPR yet another assault from the right-leaning suits that are keeping a close eye on their programming)…

Want to see more of what Shaw’s family had to say? Go here to read the transcript of a program that aired in Australia. I hadn’t seen this before and it really has some good insight into the story…

Want to peruse Dave Shaw’s website, which has lots of pictures and dive reports? Go here

Can’t find a way to watch the July 15 Nightline program online, so that’s it. We will no longer be all-Dave Shaw-all-the-time. R.I.P. Dave…

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