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Fast Fasnet (Not)…

August 8, 2005

The Rolex Fastnet is a classic, and this year with the supermaxis Maximus and Skandia lining up against one another for line honors (not to mention the Volvo Open 70 Movistar lurking in their wakes), there was a lot of chatter about records falling. Not to be, though. Light air has prevailed (at least for most of the time since the start yesterday). But you know what? It doesn’t matter. The racing is close, the pictures are great, and the e-mails are flying off the boats. You can follow all the action via the Rolex website (which has lots of pics) and the Royal Ocean Racing Club site (which is way off the pace; typical). Here’s the latest update from Rolex central. The summary:

Pleasant north-easterly winds have launched the Rolex Fastnet Race fleet down the south-west coast of England this morning. Progress has been faster than expected after the wind rotated gradually round to the north and then to the east. ICAP Maximus holds a good lead over her Maxi rival Skandia Wild Thing, with the Volvo Open 70 Movistar not far behind. ICAP Maximus passed Lands End at 0615 hours, just as the sun was coming up for what looks set to be another glorious day on the water. Skandia Wild Thing passed Lands End at 0630 hours, reporting a boat speed of 14 knots in 11 knots’ wind.

14 knots of speed in 11 knots of breeze. Modern yacht design blows me away…

Fast And Faster: “Heh-heh. Skandia is directly in our wake. Whaddaya say we pump out our holding tank about now…?”

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