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Calling Captain Nemo…

September 12, 2005

Okay, enough goofing off. There’s too much crazy sh*t going on out there. And first up in the Wetass fall lineup are two Italians–Stefano Barbaresi, 37, and Stefania Mensa, 29–who last Thursday moved in together near Ponza. What’s the big deal about that, you might ask? Well, they didn’t just move into an efficiency flat and hit IKEA. They moved into a very unique abode that is, you guessed it, underwater. Twenty six feet underwater. Barbaresi and Mensa aim to break the Gunniness record for living underwater, and their plan is to stay at their watery address for 10 days. But being Italian they are not just hanging around underwater doing nothing and eating power bars while their brains rot. They are doing it with style. They have proper beds (with nets over them to keep them from floating away), exercise bicycles (anchored in the sand), and plastic furniture in a roofless living room (with an excellent view of a sunken rowboat). They are obviously not masochists. And so they have also arranged for an underwater dry chamber, which they will repair to every five hours or so to eat, change their breathing sets, and drink Chianti…

Ponza Patio: “Dammit, Stefano, why won’t this BBQ get hot…?”

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