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Department Of Dumbassery…

September 20, 2005

We’re up to our ass in morons, and today I’ve got a double-header. Start with this little clip, which features an idiot named “Manny” who likes to chum for hammerheads and then grab on for a ride. Unfortunately, hammerheads turn out to be more tolerant than one would think and it doesn’t have the ending I was hoping for…

Next, up is TWC’s favorite dumbass adventure duo, aka “The Wild Boyz,” famous for going on safari in a zebra suit, and also jumping into a tub full of alligators. Today, they are back into the tub, and this time it’s filled with piranhas (“these bastards will bite your wiener off!”). I hope they get paid the big money…

“Manny’s too skinny to waste my time with. Now those Wild Boyz, they’d be some good eating…”

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