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Wetass Travel Tip: Baird Bay, Australia…

September 21, 2005

All the sea lion craziness (see previous post here) prompted TWC reader Traci Ayris to alert me to a more pleasant sea lion/human experience. Here’s Traci’s note:

Given that we are notorious for great whites in these parts..(er.. three attacks within last 12 months.. two fatal) thought you may like to see that it doesn’t stop us from getting in the water.. .especially when there are cute sealions like “spotty” around who seem to fall in love with you.

These pics were taken at an amazing place called Baird Bay where you can swim with wild sealions in sheltered rockpools and dolphins out in the bay. These animals are not fed.. they are simply used to humans …as pups their curious nature leads them to join in when we swim and as adults they then bring their young out.. so over the years this particular colony have a great trust of humans.

I believe that the baird bay experience is truly unique and a great place for a wetass weekend!

This obviously needs further investigation. Can’t wait to get my all-expenses paid ticket out there. Traci?…

“Spotty is a slut, and might be willing to nuzzle that diver above. But this guy is just too damn ugly…”

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