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The Wetass Life: Joe Jennings…

September 22, 2005

Okay, here’s a great job title: “Freefall Cinematographer.” What the hell does that involve, you might ask. Well, according to Joe Jennings “I jump from airplanes, helicopters and tall cliffs with helmet-mounted motion picture cameras for feature films, television, and commercials.” That he does, and the results are mesmerizing. Check out Jennings’ website here, and then find the time to check out some of his great demo reels. Such as his “intro reel,” which has got tons of shots from his commercial and movie work (“Helllooo, Drew Barrymore…”), or his “skysurf” reel. Hell, they’re all good. And if you are a true glutton for this sort of stuff, Jennings has a page of 100, yes 100!, clips. Jennings is also kind enough to include a beautiful slide show. You’ll recognize some of this stuff from previous TWC postings. And now we know where they all came from. This is simply one of the best wetass sites I have ever come across…

“I’m delivering pizza at 10,000 feet. What have you done today, loser…?”

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