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September 23, 2005

Hmmm. Katrina was devastating. Rita is on the way. Maybe it’s time to pay a little attention. So here are some handy-dandy hurricane links. First up, a very informative BBC animation (found on The Daily Sail), which actually explains how a hurricane is formed. Check it out (make sure you get to the last page, where you can use your mouse to obliterate some houses and flood the coast) and next time you try to impress your friends with your hurricane IQ, you’ll actually know what you are talking about. Next up, a very concise video, courtesy of National Geographic, which details the genesis and impact of ‘ol Katie. Lots of good, windy shots, plus a reiteration of hurricane genesis for those who were too dim to fully absorb the BBC explanation. And, finally, your very own link which will take you directly to the National Hurricane Center, where you can follow all the hurricane action out there, check out the latest advisories, and keep yourself updated on the predicted track. That should do it. If you crave seeing Anderson Cooper being blown away by 100-plus mph winds, you’ll just have to watch CNN…

Ragin’ Rita: “When I’m done, you’ll be asking ‘Katrina who?’…”

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