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Sailing Anarchy Kicks Ass…

September 26, 2005

When something interesting, tragic, funny or in any way meaningful happens in the sailing world, the SA forums are there fast, with good commentary and, more often than not, pictures. Example: last Friday, the Swedish Victory Challenge America’s Cup team made an unbelievable mistake. It’s standard practice among AC teams to stabilize their boats and masts–when the boats are ashore in cradles–by tying off a spinnaker halyard to a container. It’s a good idea, except it is very, VERY, VERY important to unclip the halyards before moving the boat. Someone at Victory Challenge–the boats are now in Trappani, Sicily– failed to get this done before the Travelift started moving (and there was too much noise in the compound for the Travelift operators to hear their desperate shouts). The result was a $400,000 carbon fiber mast that was magically reshaped into splintered, carbon fiber junk. Very big Ooops. Almost within minutes, this “Gravity Storm, Sicily” discussion thread was started by someone who was right there (here’s his report: “A few minutes ago, I heard some yelling and swearing in the neighbouring compound and all of a sudden a crashing sound of carbonfibre on top of my container. It seems the ever keen Swedes forgot to untie a spinnaker halyard from the top of their container while pulling out with the travellift. Forgot to untie the springline equals a bad start to the day.Looks like she’s broken in three places. Gotta go check my container roof. Will try and send pictures.”). And not long after the pictures started to post. They are both tragic and, when run by an Anarchist through Photoshop, fu*cking funny. Check the sequence out (think the blonde guy in the third pic is the culprit?)…

And the inevitable SA spin:

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