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Super Squid…


Roll over, Jules Verne. Japanese scientists have just managed to capture your mythic giant squid on film, using a remote camera to audition a 26-footer (a relative baby, really) 3,000 feet down (see the story here). Here’s an excerpt:

“We believe this is the first time a grown giant squid has been captured on camera in its natural habitat,” said Kyoichi Mori, a marine researcher who co-authored a piece in Wednesday’s issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

The camera was operated by remote control during research at the end of October 2004, Mori told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Mori said the giant squid, purplish red like its smaller brethren, attacked its quarry aggressively, calling into question the image of the animal as lethargic and slow moving.

“Contrary to belief that the giant squid is relatively inactive, the squid we captured on film actively used its enormous tentacles to go after prey,” Mori said.

Want to watch this baby in action. Well, then click on “play Video” link on the story page. I’m squirming…

Giant Garbo?: “I want to be alone…”
(Thanks to TWC Asst. Editor For Cape Cod, Trey Ruthven)

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