Department Of Dismasting: The Tuesday Ration….

What can you say? Losing the stick is a massive bitch, particularly when you are on a replica 157-foot pilot schooner. Last month the Pride Of Baltimore II was in the Bay Of Biscay when the masts came tumbling down. Here’s the full story from crewman Joshua Koerpel. And here’s a taste of what it was like:

“I made my way toward the starboard side of the boat and my sporadic thoughts were interrupted by a cracking and popping coming from up forward. It was our foremast and reefed topsail tilting back toward us and crashing onto deck port side. Running further to the starboard rail, a thought of jumping overboard flashed through my head, followed directly by the thought of never getting back to the boat if I did.”

You can find more info (and contribute to the rebuild; come on you cheap bast*rds!) here. We post ’em so you don’t have to live ’em…

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