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Good News, Bad News…

October 18, 2005

The good news is that I am posting today (at least I hope that’s good news). The bad news is I am heading to California for two days (well, that’s not bad news from my point of view…). So I’m going to try to pop a few things onto the site to get you to Friday. Look at ’em all at once if you like, or stretch them out.

Here’s Thursday’s ration, the Amazing Flyak (thanks to a tip from TWC reader IainDuthie). We all know that when backyard Wetass engineers get bored they always turn to a simple solution: the add foils to whatever peice of plastic and fiberglass they take onto the water. Sometimes the results are ridiculous, sometimes they are exciting. The Flyak (great name…), I think, is pretty cool result of the foil itch. What does it look like in action? Here’s a video of a Flyak sprinting. Here’s another one. And here’s the best one of them all (guy blows by conventional kayak; oddly, he doesn’t appear to have any legs…). So many toys, so little time…

“Boy, are my arms tired…”

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