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Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That…

October 26, 2005

Offshore Challenges, the very slick, very capable, management and marketing group run by Ellen MacArthur and her guru Mark Turner, have managed to come up with a great new idea for a global sailing race: a non-stop circumnavigation, doublehanded. It’s called the Barcelona World Race because it, uh, starts and finishes in Barcelona. The BWR will be sailed in Open 60 yachts and first gun will be November 11, 2007 (click here for the full PDF info sheet). It will be staged every four years, making it a great warmup to the solo Vendee Globe, which will follow a year later. I’m liking it, and who knows where it will lead: doublehanded in multihulls? Fully crewed, non-stop in monohulls? Solo the wrong way? The possibilities are endless. And we thought there was nothing new under the sailing sun. Nice job, Offshore Challenges…

Input From Another Sailor Can Be Good: “Hey, Alex. Why don’t you try sailing this thing over the ocean instead of through it…?”

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