Speed, Speed, Speed….

It’s a big weekend for speed freaks. Way Down Under at Australia’s famed Sandy Point, where the wind blows hard and the water is flat, the annual Speed Week starts tomorrow. And when I say the wind blows hard, I mean the wind blows hard. Here’s a wind chart from last year, a day that has come to be known as “Big Wednesday”:

This is a great event, with an exemplary Wetass philosophy (Here’s an FAQ: So what are the rules ? Simple. Just Go. Go out (when you like). Go fast (when you can). Go back (when you’re done)). Joining the fun will be the wild and wacky MacQuarie Innovations. Last year they crashed at 43 knots and destroyed their alien craft. Here’s what that looked like:

These guys are determined, though, and they’ve rebuilt MacQuarie and are working hard to steal the outright speed record back from windsurfer Finian Maynard.

Speaking of Finian, he’s also about to hit the water, at the custom-built French Trench in southern France. This time he’s going head-to-head against the other king of speed windsurfing, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, at his Masters Of Speed competition. And this weekend is starting to look good. If you want a reminder of what a windsurfer at a world record 46.82 knots, click here. As I say, it’s a speed junkie weekend. Enjoy…

Mad Macquarie: “Alright boys, let’s keep this thing in one piece, because I can’t face another rebuild…”

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