Get Out Your Checkbooks…

Have you ever dreamed about owning a wooden classic? How about a Sparkman & Stephens wooden classic? How about the classic of all classics, which is to say one of the most famous ocean racing yawls ever to cleave a wave, which is to say, breathe easy now, Dorade. Yup, she’s for sale, right here. Asking price: a cool $785,000 dollars (and who says boats don’t hold their value!). Here’s the listing copy:

Though DORADE did not launch Olin Stephens’s career as a naval architect, it might well be said that her launching and subsequent successes were a major springboard in establishing Olin Stephens’s reputation as a premier yacht designer. In 1931, with Olin and Rod Stephens aboard, DORADE (the second smallest of the fleet) won the Trans-
Atlantic race to England by almost four days on corrected time. She then went on to win the Fastnet Race that same year, and Class B in the Bermuda Race in 1932. After DORADE was sold by the Stephens family, she went to the west coast and won Honolulu Race from San Francisco to Hawaii in 1936.

Not only is she a lovely classic yawl, but a unique opportunity to own a significant “piece of yachting history.”

If you can’t afford the price, then whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS PHOTO GALLERY. Because next thing you know you’ll be mortgaging your house and selling your daughter into slavery…

I could look at these all day…

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