Wetass Video Of The Century…

And it’s only 2005! That’s how impressed I am by the video I am about to unveil. Earlier in the week I posted some cool pics (click here) of the Nissan Hobie team taking their boats into the surf. The obvious question was: where’s the video? Well, the video sleuths over at the Catamaran Sailor forums (specifically one “MarineTurtle”) have done us all a huge favor by coming up with the goods. To get yourself warmed up, and your salivary glands working, check out these little teasers. Clip 1. Clip 2. Ready to commit to the big enchilada? Check. Computer and sound package up and running sweetly? Check. Got 10 minutes that is boss or family free? Check. Okay, amigo, then go for it and click here. This is a massive download, so go away and do something else until you hear the awesome soundtrack kick in signalling the start (if it says you need a DivX codec go here and get yourself one). Then: crack open beer, get comfy, and enjoy. It’s large format, it’s great footage, it’s wetass nirvana…

“They better be getting this sh*t on video…!”

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