The Wetass Life II…

I’m just guessing, but if any of you are like me, at some point in your life you fantasized about becoming a Greenpeace warrior, heading out onto the high seas in a RIB to zip around and confound the whale hunters (and Seinfeld lovers will remember when Russell, the head of NBC programming and Elaine stalker, became a Greenpeacer because Elaine said she admired them). Well, in recent years Greenpeace has been mostly out of the news. But I’m glad to report that the Greenpeace navy, such as it is, is back on the prowl. And one of their ship’s is out to confront the Japanese whale hunt. Even better, they’re blogging from onboard (go here). And of course it all has a certain Greenpeacean, granola-crunchy, saving-the-earth, feel to it. Here’s one excerpt:

This morning while Jetske and I were sorting and stomping cans for recycling (she’s our on-board “garbologist” – I’ll explain that some other time) we sliced hard into a wave. I was heading into the ‘wetroom’ (the room just off the poop deck that serves as a workshop and portal between the dry areas and the deck) when I heard her yelp in surprise and looked back to see a wall of water and the can bucket in mid-flight. At first I was deeply concerned she might have got swept over board (under captain’s orders no one is allowed to work out on any deck alone due to sea conditions), but the water cleared and there she stood, one hand on a tight line, fully doused from head to toe in near-freezing seawater, among a constellation of smashed aluminum. We ran around and chased up the loose cans like a hockey team down by a point in the final minute, saving them from being swept overboard, just managing to wrangle them into the bin before she went in for a change of clothes.

Phew. It’s dangerous out there on the front lines. And here are some pics of the RIBsters fighting ocean dumping. Go Greenepace…!

“Hmm. I’m not sure this tactic is going to work out very well..”

“Yup, that’s about what I thought…”

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