Annals Of Futility….

Meet Colin Yeates. He was a man with a big goal: to row around Antarctica. This is the Everest of ocean rowing. No one has ever done it, and the last man to try–one Jim Shekhdar–didn’t even get a third of the way around. So Yeates was embarking on a major quest when he set out from Port Stanley in the Falklands last week, and he expected to be at sea for almost a year, and row, row, row about 13,000 miles. He had the gear: his custom rowing ride cost $53,000. But unfortunately he didn’t invest anything in tidal analysis. So just 30 miles–30 miles!–after hitting the water, strong tides swept him onto the rocks. Colin is fine, or as fine as someone can be after this humiliating result, but his boat is in pieces. REad all about it here. Yeates said that his journey would begin and end in the Falklands. And he was exactly right, just not in the way he meant. All credit to him for trying, though, and I hope he tries again. This is just about the only ocean rowing adventure I am interested in anymore…

Yeates Yacht In Build: “Hmmm. Why do I keep getting this nagging feeling that I’m wasting my time…”

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