Need A Little Break…?

Sure, it’s still early in the day, but if your computer is crashing, your boss is harrassing, and you need to go Wetassing, then click here to take a little ride in the last year’s Marblehead-Halifax race. It’s slightly primitive, but it’s got a nice, relaxing soundtrack. And TWC loves home-made video (which is only getting easier and easier to produce).

UPDATE: Just heard from the video’s producer, Richard Mitchele. Here’s what he had to say:

As a Wetass regular, it was kind of cool to see my video linked to
your site. I’m the guy at the end sitting in the cockpit smoking. The
video is kind of rough but keep in mind that most of the shots were
taken with cell phone cameras. The reference to the Koala at the end
is the guy in the very last shot (the blurry one in the bar). He met
a woman in Marblehead who took him to the Marriott in Boston for the
evening. We named him the Koala because he “eats, shoots and leaves”.

Keep ’em coming, Richard…

Marblehead-Halifax Mush: “What good is this damn video camera if all I can see is fog…?”

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