More Volvo Action…

Sorry, I can’t resist. If you want to see how rough, wet and loud a Volvo 70 is in the good ol’ Southern Ocean, then check out this alarming and enlightening video from–yes, you guessed it–the ABN Amro 1 boys. It’s just two and a half minutes of film, but if you are anything like me you’ll cringe at the loudest of the bangs, and drop your jaw at the amount of water the ondeck crew plows through. And these guys are dealing with these conditions 24 hours a day. No wonder no one sleeps. No wonder the boats are breaking. And no wonder records are falling.

Bonus clip: And if that’s not enough action for you, here’s a good ABN Amro compilation video from this Southern Ocean leg. Can’t thank this team enough for taking the time to bring us all onboard…

“I bet you’re almost starting to feel sorry for us. Well, don’t…”

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