Ice Is The New Black…

What is it with frigid swimming? Suddenly everyone wants to be paddling around the frozen stuff. Well, meet Simone Arrigoni. His wrinkle is that he wants to set the record for swimming under the ice. You can read about this insane bid, I mean bold attempt, here. But basically Arrigone plans to cut two holes in a frozen lake, 30 meters (yes, 30 meters) apart. Wearing nothing but a 5 mil wetsuit (and no fins) Arrigone will drop into one hole and hope to hell he can find the other. The article notes: “The particular discipline of under-ice swimming is relatively new and at the moment is practised in few other countries.” Hmm, I wonder why…

Simone The Sub: “Want to know my secret? That water bottle next to me is filled with vodka…”

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