OSHA-Induced Outage

I’m down in Florida this week, sitting in on the court hearings in which SeaWorld is challenging OSHA’s Dawn Brancheau-related citation of SeaWorld Florida for willfully disregarding the safety of its trainers. That means limited blog posting this week. But you can find (right here) a post I wrote for Outside online summarizing where the case stands.

Alexis Martínez, left, and Dawn Brancheau at Loro Parque in 2006. Martínez was killed by an Orca in December 2009. Brancheau died two months later, in February 2010. Photographer: Courtesy of Estefanía Luis Rodriguez

3 thoughts on “OSHA-Induced Outage”

  1. Waiting for your next email – thank you for keeping us updated! Do you tweet when a new article is up? I will turn on my texting for your account. This matters to many more people than we all know. ❤ Thank you Tim.

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