A New Orca Website Worth Following

There is no one who has more knowledge and credibility when it comes to what really goes on for trainers and whales at marine parks than former orca trainers.

Now four former SeaWorld trainers, all of whom have contributed enormously to my reporting on SeaWorld and orcas, have launched a cool new website called Voice Of The Orcas. It’s got tons of background info about orca captivity, and links to a wide range of resources. It will no doubt also become Voice Of The Orca Trainers, as they use the site to share their take and experience on every aspect of orca captivity.

Check it out here.

8 thoughts on “A New Orca Website Worth Following”

    1. Don’t think so yet, Sam. For now I am sure their posts and news will be distributed on FB by Samantha Berg, the Occupy SeaWorld page, and others. But maybe eventually…

  1. Sam, there is now a Twitter button at the site. We haven’t yet confirmed whether it’s operational yet, but I believe it is. As Tim stated, perhaps following Samantha Berg, one of the admins at VOTO, will work for FB.

  2. I will definitely check this out. I’m wondering, though, why you never included the Hoyt’s or Davis’ book in your research. Maybe you did, but did not quote them? I thought the Davis book was especially interesting because it examines the use of public space and corporate-driven “education”.

    1. Both books are excellent, and Hoyt did great work compiling the record of captures in the early years. The Davis book was very interesting, too, though a bit outside my focus.

  3. How can ordinary citizens help these magnificent creatures back to their natural surroundings? It’s a tradgey what SeaWorld is doing – yet with 12 million yrly paying visitors there is no reason for them to stop, look in the mirror each morning and do the right thing! Until people are truly educated on how captivity is effecting these animals who have no voice, people will continue to support SW by being entertained NOT educated! books about captivity should be required reading by lawmakers and school children. I’m so frustrated – for every step anti-captivity makes forward, SW is able to knock them back 2 steps – money talks. I’ve looked into adopt a whale program – but what I’m interested in is getting these languishing animals into a better situation – we owe it to them who have given so much.

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