Seeing Is Important: The Torture Of Meat “Processing”

Okay, I’ve been sitting on this one a while because it is pretty tough to watch.

But I think it is very important to see and bear witness to reality (previous here and here) because images elicit an emotional and visceral reaction that words sometimes do not.

Here’s the backstory on this video:

Aug. 21, 2012: An undercover video, filmed by a Compassion Over Killing investigator, exposes rampant animal abuse and suffering inside Central Valley Meat Co. (CVM), a slaughterhouse in Hanford, California. CVM is a major supplier to the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and other federal food initiatives.

Like all federally inspected slaughterhouses, CVM is required to comply with federal animal welfare requirements as well as California’s animal protection laws. However, COK’s whistleblowing video uncovers acts of cruelty that appear to violate both state and federal laws.

And you can read more here.

I do not post this lightly, but it IS what we call meat “processing” has come to–which is, to be blunt, animal torture. And it is too easy to just keep slinging hamburgers abetted by willful ignorance of what goes on behind the factory walls.

Do you really have faith that this sort of thing isn’t going on all over the world? Do you really want to keep eating meat that involves this degree of cruelty?

There are so many reasons not to eat meat. This is just one. But it should be all you need.

5 thoughts on “Seeing Is Important: The Torture Of Meat “Processing””

  1. oh my god , knowing it is something (because i am sure this happens worldwide) but see it is something else. Im glad im not eating meat now since 2 years almost. Although my concept of the world is like having a meat free planet, i mean if this really has to happen isn’t there any other way to let these animals not suffer like that but simple go quietly to “sleep”? i mean i can’t even say that , for me it is hard to say it. Poor animals this shows how crazy this world is.

  2. My goodness….Im so gonna think twice before I take beef or maybe even other types of meat 😦 😦 I can’t finish the video cause it’s too disturbing 😦 D:

  3. I am a trained chef who has to trim,cut and butcher meat of all types! I have recently been researching the meat culture and now choose to be a veg / vegan- the energy around this process shows how we as humans are in denial! God’s design did not call for this and it is shocking that the FAT industry’s lies and misinformation continues!! I have switched to a raw diet and I am doing just fine/ plus i have lost over 70 lbs. Anyone reading this should seriously look into their heart of hearts for truth- It is not easy i assure! I still have dreams about chicken wings and spare ribs- Willpower is what exactly what it sounds like- The power to overcome the Will to kill!!! People argue that we are carnivores- Yes! we can eat meat- But, we also have choice- Do the research yourself- Watch Docs like Vegucated and Food Matters and you will see that the path is perverted…..These issues have changed my life and I have quit my job handling these meat products- Not saying I have pulled a John the baptist- But I have made a lifestyle choice based on knowledge!!!

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