Seeing Is Important: More On Meat

Okay, at some point it will simply be gratuitous to keep posting these horrific slaughterhouse videos. But I am not at that point yet, because I want to convey that this is an industry problem, and not just isolated to one or two rogue slaughterhouses.

This video was made by Mercy For Animals (I first saw it here), at a plant they say supplies Burger King (additional info after the jump):

Video-related info from Mercy For Animals:

Are your Burger King purchases funding horrific animal abuse?

A Mercy For Animals investigation reveals sadistic animal torture at Bettencourt Dairies – a major Burger King cheese supplier in Idaho. The investigation has already led to three workers, including a manager of the dairy, being charged with criminal cruelty to animals.

MFA’s hidden camera captured:

• Workers and management viciously beating and shocking cows and violently twisting their tails in order to deliberately inflict pain

• Workers and management repeatedly shocking a downed cow and then dragging her by her neck using a chain attached to a tractor

• Extremely unsafe and unsanitary conditions, including feces covered floors that cause cows to regularly slip, fall, and injure themselves

• Sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, broken bones and infected udders left to suffer without veterinary care

Ditch Dairy
Far from leading the carefree lives portrayed in the dairy industry’s “happy cow” commercials, cows exploited and killed for Burger King cheese endure lives of near constant misery and deprivation.

Treated as mere milk-producing machines, these intelligent and social animals suffer almost unimaginable abuse from the time they are born and ripped from their mothers’ sides until they are so physically worn out from repeated pregnancies and constant milk production that they are sold for slaughter.

MFA is urging Burger King to immediately implement meaningful animal protection guidelines for all dairy suppliers, including zero tolerance for animal abuse, care for “downers,” and ending mutilations without painkillers. Burger King has the power and the moral responsibility to help end some of the worst forms of animal abuse in the dairy industry.

Visit to learn more and sign the petition urging Burger King to implement meaningful animal protection guidelines for its dairy suppliers. Please share this video with friends, and encourage them to take action too.

Then consider making a few changes of your own. The most powerful choice that compassionate people can make to help cows is to ditch dairy in favor of healthy and humane vegan alternatives to milk, cheese and ice cream.

Not much to add, except one day this sort of thing will be looked at with astonishment and disbelief by future generations.

One thought on “Seeing Is Important: More On Meat”

  1. Ridiculous!!! Those people are vicious and should be charged with animal cruelly. The cows are obviously, suffering. Their bellows brought tears to my eyes. How can anyone be so cruel. It makes me wonder how they treat other aninals and children.

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