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Marc Bekoff On The Taiji Slaughter

April 8, 2013

Bekoff, a leading ethologist, adds his voice to discussion of the newly published “A Veterinary and Behavioral Analysis of the Killing Methods Used in the Dolphin Drive Hunts in Taiji, Japan.” His main point–everyone needs to work together, and be patient, to change the painful reality of the drive hunts:

I realize that some people want much more action and they want it now. They are frustrated by the slow progress that is being made on the egregious and thoroughly unethical and inhumane murder of these amazing sentient beings. However, this press is a very good and much needed move for continuing to raise awareness of what is happening in Taiji. Many people really do not know about it. I surely understand the passion of those who want more and want it now. How could anyone sit back and let this brutal slaughter go on as if it isn’t really happening. It is, and countless gallons of the blood of these highly sentient beings are being spilled into the waters around Japan. Shame on those who kill the dolphins and shame on people who know about and who remain indifferent to this massacre. We all need to work together to stop the blood spills.

Those who share common goals must work for the animals and not against one another. There really is strength in numbers. For example, the frustratingly slow progress made over many years on gaining protection for chimpanzees is finally paying off (see also). A strong and unified community effort is needed to help the dolphins along and to stop this bloodthirsty, bloodcurdling bloodbath.

Hard to argue with that.

Here’s more from Bekoff on animal behavior and emotions:

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  1. April 8, 2013 12:14 pm

    I agree with Marc. When we display our rivalries in public we diminish all our efforts.

  2. Helen B permalink
    April 10, 2013 1:06 pm

    I agree with Marc – A strong and unified community effort is needed to help the dolphins along and to stop this bloodthirsty, bloodcurdling bloodbath.

    And to the apathetic I would say, inform yourselves and when you are informed if you are still not sympathetic to the plight of the dolphins then get out the way and stay out the way, so those who are sympathetic can get to work. We do not have time to waste arguing with you when our voices could be spent in better endevours!


  1. (Yet!) One More Round On The Taiji Cruelty Report | Tim Zimmermann

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